The Omega’s Christmas Wish

The Boyfriend Recipe
The Omega’s Christmas Wish

I will not jump my sexy boss.
Not in the car.
                    Not under the stars.
Not at the light.
                    Well… maybe I might.
No! I will not jump him here or there.
                    I will not jump him anywhere.
I will not jump my sexy boss.
I will not jump you, To-bi-as!

TOBIAS is a salty, snarky omega who doesn’t play well with others. But does he really need more friends than the sister he adores and the puppies at the shelter where he volunteers? The only thing keeping Tobias’ job safe is his pliable assistant, Malcolm — an alpha who knows his way around code and takes care of everyone and everything for which Tobias has no patience.

MALCOLM is willing to be an omega’s PA, if it means getting a foot in the door at a prestigious tech company. It’s like a paid internship — Tobias helps him grow as a programmer, and he provides a buffer between Tobias and the world at large. Without Mal’s help, the little guy would either starve or freeze to death… or get stabbed by another coworker.

When an alpha-omega matchmaker sets them up on a date, one stolen kiss confirms what their wolves already knew: they’ve found their True Mate. Fate may want them together, but their precariously-balanced careers could very well keep them apart.

Perhaps all it takes is one Christmas wish…


THE OMEGA’S CHRISTMAS WISH is a light & funny, wolf shifter, MPREG romance between an alpha wolf and his omega boss. It contains fated mates, a pouncy niece, a pretend date, a puppy named Kitty, a potential litter of platypuses, and some knotty holiday fun.

The Omega’s Christmas Wish contains male pregnancy and steamy, explicit love scenes intended for MATURE readers only.