One Moore Trip

One Moore Trip (Moore Romance, Book 3)

There’s no support group for guys who decide to co-parent an orphaned kitten with their ex-boyfriend and a dog.

Instead, Trip and Tommy have the Moores.

So. Many. Moores.

JOHN “TRIP” WATSON, PH.D. (no Sherlock jokes, please) has a full, happy life — a fulfilling career, wonderful friends, and a dog he adores.  He spent the past year watching his best friends find their Happily Ever Afters with the Moore brothers but, with his medical issues, Trip believes he’ll never be able to find his own. Sure, he had a moment of weakness when he fell head over heels for Tommy last fall, but the adorable trauma nurse deserves better than any future Trip could offer .

TOMMY POWERS is finally getting over the eccentric professor when a bout of food poisoning lands Trip in the hospital, exposing his secret health issues — the true reason behind their abrupt breakup. Tommy no longer trusts Trip like he once did, but a friendship might be worth the heartache. And life around Trip is never dull!

A 911 text sends Tommy racing to Trip’s side, only to find the man with an armful of furious baby and attempting to reason with a naked toddler, while his pug stands guard over a tiny orphaned kitten. Of course Tommy insists on helping to care for the demanding ball of fluff at night, since he’s on the night shift anyway, Trip needs to get some sleep, and… hello! Kitten!

The two men’s love never faded, but will one more trip be enough to help Tommy and Trip find their own storybook ending?

the final book in the Moore Romance series, is a 90k-word, quirky, second chance romance between two sexy geeks. It contains steamy, explicit love scenes for mature readers only as well as an impromptu road trip, secret agent shenanigans, meddling Moores, a dog-riding kitten, an overprotective pug, a toddler’s nudist society, and Moore love than you can handle!