Love You, Moore

Love You, Moore
Love You, Moore (Moore Romance, Book 2)


“Julian was amazing… a magical unicorn of a man.”
XANDER GRIFFITH is a math geek with an eye for designer labels, a love of photography, and a fierce need to protect those he loves. He was mesmerized by Julian the moment he laid eyes on him: gorgeous, brilliant, and unabashedly himself. But Julian is also his friend’s off-limits baby brother. So Xander spends the next three years distancing himself, focusing his energy on his math-letic friends, his boxer Cassius, and his LGBT youth center, Safe Harbor.

“Nobody could possibly be as self-absorbed as I think you are.”
JULIAN MOORE is a force of nature and everyone loves the sparkly, snarky, white hat hacker. When he finds himself at loose ends after graduation, Julian winds up spending most of his time reading romance novels, writing alpha-omega short stories, and hanging out with his brothers’ friends. Of course, that means bumping into that over-privileged, condescending jerk Xander at every freaking turn. The man would be completely insufferable if it wasn’t for his sweet, hat-loving dog.

“Are you two going to play nice, or am I going to have to put you into Time Out?”
The two men can’t be in the same room without bickering like small children, but they call an uneasy truce in order to help their friends and save two homeless waifs. When Xander discovers Julian is depressed, he blackmails his friend’s brother into following his insane plan. The first step? Move the brat into his condo! It’s the perfect solution: Xander has plenty of room, his boxer is head-over-paws in love with Julian, and someone has to keep their friend’s pug from destroying all of Xander’s left shoes.

They probably won’t wind up killing each other. And they absolutely will not, can not fall in love.

the second book in the Moore Romance series, is a 110k-word, quirky, sweet, enemies-to-lovers, second chance MM romance between two sexy, dog-loving geeks. It has an HEA (Happily-Ever-After) ending, no cliff-hangers, and can be read as a stand-alone novel.

This book contains a steamy, explicit love scenes that are intended for mature readers only, as well as dogs politely eating cake at the dining room table, a wrestling hold named the Baby Koala, and unnerving levels of healthy communication.

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