FREE Prequel to One Moore Trip


I have good news and bad news.

The good news: “Tripping Over You”, the prequel to the second-chance romance One Moore Trip (Moore Romance, Book 3)is now available for FREE on Instafreebie! It is the 15,000 word tale of Trip & Tommy’s first try at love.

I released this short story earlier than intended to coincide with the Big Gay Fiction Giveaway (May 22-29, 2017), in which 81 M/M authors came together to offer free stories, complete with pretty covers and mini-blurbs. Check it out – there are some big name authors and some authors you ought to get to know.

The bad news: Due to circumstances beyond my control (and, yes, The Boyfriend Recipe distracting me), One Moore Trip will not be released until late June. Yes, it’s evil of me to tease you and then make you wait a month, but I want to be sure to cap off the Moore Romance series properly and do justice to these vibrant, loving characters.

Don’t worry, this won’t be the last you’ll see of the Moores and their friends.

Until then, please check out my other books and bonus content. And please friend me on Facebook (or “like” my author page) to hear the latest updates, random musings, and… I know it’s hard to believe, but I can be a little silly sometimes too.


2 thoughts on “FREE Prequel to One Moore Trip

  1. I’m really hoping that the guys that work with Julian will receive their own spin off series! Maybe fast forward a few years, and we can see MOORE of the newer Moore’s? (Marcus, Dean Jackson, Kendall?)

    Just my hope! I’m not ready to say goodbye yet!


    1. Yes! The next series, Guard Dogs, will star Julian’s co-workers and dogs that are unfairly labelled as ferocious. And you will definitely be seeing Moore of the kids – YA books starring them will one day come out under the pen name Annika March.


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