New Release & Upcoming Titles!


The Boyfriend Recipe, a 30,000-word novella, just came out a couple of days ago. Get it here: It’s a half-baked scheme to whip up a sweet & spicy fake relationship with a delicious potentially-straight man, mixed liberally with sexual tension. The Boyfriend Recipe is gluten-free and contains no GMOs, but it is sprinkled with a few nuts from my Moore Romance series.

Poor Hunter, the only full-time employee at Moore Delicious bakery & cafe, kept getting his scenes cut. So I gave him his own story that takes place during the same summer as A Chance for Moore, and it features Julian and Logan Moore.

I’m sorry there have been so few updates and a shift of my original timeline. Life has a way of happening when I least expect it. On top of that, I attempted to write The Boyfriend Recipe as a 5000-word short story (roughly 20 pages)… but of course it took on a life of its own and grew out of control to become 30,000 words (over 100 pages) and gobbled up weeks of my time. So my other titles have now been delayed.

In late June, Trip and Tommy (and Frankie the pug) will get a second chance at love in One Moore Trip. In addition, “Tripping Over You” will be a free short prequel that will come out May 22nd through the Big Gay Fiction Giveaway. This short will give us a window into Trip & Tommy’s original relationship.

One Moore Trip will finish off the trilogy of my three favorite mathletes: Chance, Xander, and Trip. But not to worry, there is a lot more to explore in the Moore universe. The security dudes will get their own trilogy (as yet unnamed) and future shorts will star Moore Delicious employees and customers.

On top of all of that, because the teens need their stories told (“Moore to Love”), I am also adapting the Moore Romance series so it is appropriate for all readers. I was a teacher for over a decade and it’s extremely important to me that LGBT young adults also have fun, romantic stories to read. All adolescents need to know they’re not alone and that things do get better.

I hope you all enjoy taking a few Moore trips with me as I explore this little corner of the world.


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