What’s Next?

I’ve been asked by a number of readers what I’m planning to write next. Right now I have three projects going and, evil me, I’m only going to tell you about one of them and hint at the others.

Although this is the Moore Romance series, I’m actually writing about three math-loving friends and their Moore-family-centric relationships. Chance is with his forever-crush Logan Moore, Xander took on the adventure that is life with Julian Moore, but now there are no more Moore brothers for poor Trip!

However, Greg Moore has a very hot best friend, Tommy Powers.

Yes, you got that right. To complete the trilogy, John ‘Trip‘ Watson and Tommy Powers are falling in love in yet another pun-titled book: One Moore Trip. (Yes, Frankie the pug might have a couple of chapters of his own because he is extremely opinionated.) This book is my primary project and I’ll get it out to you this spring.

Now the hints…

I was a teacher for a decade and one thing I learned is that all teenagers feel alone (even the ‘popular’ ones). They need to know that life really does get better in adulthood. They also need to know that teens, no matter how much rejection they’ve faced or fear, can be extremely lucky and loved.

The series got a couple of glowing reviews (the only blog reviews I’ve had so far), but Donna at Love Bytes Reviews spent an inordinate amount of time saying that my covers were horrible and didn’t do the books justice… and then said The Moore the Merrier might wind up on her Best of 2017 list (which is astonishing). So during my project, the series might get a face lift.

Will there be more Moore books? Maybe. Or there might be a spin-off trilogy of stand-alone novels. There are a few characters that need a Happily Ever After of their own.


7 thoughts on “What’s Next?

  1. Well I liked the covers because they actually worked. Hoowwwweeeevvver, if you have to the only acceptable replacement cover for Xander and Julian is a “BABY KOALA!” cover!!!! 😜

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  2. My personal pet peeve is book covers that have pictures of the MCs. I build images in my mind from book descriptions, and when the pictures on the covers don’t match those images, it creates a bit of a disconnect for me. Everyone has their standard of what “handsome” or “perfect,” etc is, especially when the book so describes a character. When the cover models don’t match my standard, it is disappointing. It might be more effective to build the covers around the pet/pets of the MCs that are featured in each book.


    1. I understand, but a dog on the cover might be confused for a shifter book or, worse, flagged by Amazon for bestiality. (No, I’m not joking. They’re really weird like that. Who knows how they’d interpret Cassius’ feelings for Julian?) Any new covers will be built around the tone of the books, and the men will coordinate with my general description of the characters and their personalities.


  3. loved the books,the covers worked for the books loved them ,do you have a date for the next book too come out?like that the dogs have a say in the books too….


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