Moore Friends and Family Tree

It took forever to figure out how to organize all the main characters and their pets, but I’ve finally created a visual “Friends and Family Tree” for Love You, Moore (which you’ll also be able to use for The Moore the Merrier, coming out 2/22).


Moore Friends & Family Tree


One thought on “Moore Friends and Family Tree

  1. If I hadn’t read that you are a math geek, I might have guessed at it LOL I also guessed at where the idea for all of Logan’s “listing” came from! I’m more a languages and lit geek (several languages and don’t even get me started on lit), but I can appreciate a good geeking out regardless of the focus 🙂 Thanks for all the lists and the clear and colorful visual aids … it does help, especially for referring back to past books, with such a large cast of characters (both pet and human).


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