Love You, Moore Character Guide!

I’ve added a character guide for readers of Book 2: Love You, Moore. It’s as spoiler-free as possible, while still listing all the characters’ names and nicknames. You may also use it for A Chance for Moore with minimal spoilers. There is an alphabetical list of characters and a list of character groupings (by family, friends, pets, workplace, etc.).

You can download the guide here in .pdf format (Downloadable Character Guide) or scroll down.

The next book, The Moore the Merrier, will have an updated character guide which will contain spoilers for people who have not read Book 2.


Alice: Maine coon cat, furbaby of Greg and Dani Moore

Amelia Pasquale: best friend of Logan Moore, co-owner of Moore Delicious

Andrew Moore: father of Moore brothers, married to Sara Moore

Annabelle Moore: cousin of Moore brothers, sister of Konrad Moore, daughter of Ida Moore

Axle (see Jackson)

Bradley: late boyfriend of Xander Griffith, best friend of Max Domovik

‘Buzzard’: employee at Heimdall Security

Carleton Griffith: brother of Xander Griffith

Cassius: boxer dog, furbaby of Xander Griffith

‘Chance’/Chester Horatio Blevins: boyfriend of Logan Moore, best friend of Dani Rosen Moore, mathlete friend of Xander Griffith and Trip Watson, furdaddy of Luna

‘Dani’/Daniela Rosen Moore: married to Greg Moore, best friend of Chance Blevins, friends with mathletes Xander Griffith and Trip Watson, furmommy of Alice

‘Dean’/Diesel: identical twin of Jackson, friends with Kendall and Marcus, resident at Safe Harbor

Donald Yarborough: brother-in-law of Xander Griffith, married to Veronica Griffith-Yarborough

Eleanor Moore: future adopted daughter of Chance and Logan Moore

‘Frankie’/Sir Francis Bacon: pug dog, furbaby of Trip Watson

Greg Moore: eldest Moore brother, married to Dani Rosen, best friend of Tommy Powers

Hunter: employee at Moore Delicious

Ida Moore: aunt of Moore brothers, mother of Konrad and Annabelle

‘Jackson’/Axle: identical twin of Dean, friends with Kendall and Marcus, resident at Safe Harbor

Jezebel: employee at Moore Delicious

John Watson (see Trip)

Joy Watson: twin sister of John ‘Trip’ Watson

Julian ‘Sparky’ Moore: youngest Moore brother, boyfriend of Xander Griffith

Kendall: friends with Marcus and twins Jackson & Dean, resident at Safe Harbor

Konrad Moore: cousin of Moore brothers, brother of Annabelle Moore, son of Ida Moore

Leonardo: Siamese cat, furbaby of Logan Moore, littermate of Michelangelo

Logan Moore: middle Moore brother, boyfriend of Chance Blevins, best friend of Amelia Pasquale

Luna: dachshund/yorkie mix dog, furbaby of Chance Blevins

Marcus: friends with Kendall and twins Jackson & Dean, resident at Safe Harbor

Maxim ‘Heimdall’ Domovik: friend of Xander Griffith, owner of Heimdall Security

Michelangelo: Siamese cat, furbaby of Logan Moore, littermate of Leonardo

Poppy: director of Safe Harbor

Quinn Ostry: best friend of Julian Moore

Sara Moore: mother of Moore brothers, wife of Andrew Moore

Sean: employee at Moore Delicious

‘Specter’/‘Inspector Gadget’: head of cyber-security at Heimdall Security

Tommy Powers: best friend of Greg Moore

‘Trip’/John Watson: mathlete friend of Chance Blevins and Xander Griffith

Veronica Griffith-Yarborough: sister of Xander Griffith, wife of Donald Yarborough

‘Xander’/Alexander Griffith: boyfriend of Julian Moore, mathlete friend of Chance Blevins and Trip Watson, friend of Greg & Dani Moore


Moore Family

  • Andrew & Sara Moore (parents)
  • Greg Moore (brother)
  • Logan Moore (brother)
  • Julian Moore (brother)

Romantic Relationships

  • Greg Moore Dani Rosen
  • Logan Moore Chance Blevins
  • Julian Moore Xander Griffith


  • LOGAN: Michelangelo & Leonardo (Siamese cats)
  • CHANCE: Luna (dachshund/yorkie)
  • XANDER: Cassius (boxer)
  • TRIP: Frankie (pug)
  • GREG & DANI: Alice (Maine coon cat)

Friends: Mathletes 

  • Dani Rosen
  • Chance Blevins
  • Xander Griffith
  • Trip Watson

Other Friend Pairings

  • Logan Moore & Amelia Pasquale
  • Greg Moore & Tommy Powers
  • Julian Moore & Quinn Ostry
  • Xander Griffith & Max Domovik

Moore Delicious Bakery & Café

  • Logan Moore, owner & baker
  • Amelia Pasquale, co-owner
  • Hunter
  • Jezebel
  • Sean

Safe Harbor LGBT Youth Center

  • Poppy, director
  • Twins Axle/‘Jackson’ & Diesel/‘Dean’, residents
  • Marcus, resident
  • Kendall, resident

Heimdall Security

  • Max ‘Heimdall’ Domovik, boss
  • ‘Specter’/‘Inspector Gadget,’
    head of cyber-security
  • ‘Buzzard’
  • Julian ‘Sparky’ Moore

Extended Moore Family

  • Konrad Moore (cousin)
  • Annabelle Moore (cousin)
  • Ida Moore (aunt)

Griffith Siblings

  • Xander Griffith
  • Veronica Griffith-Yarborough (sister)
  • Donald Yarborough (brother-in-law)
  • Carleton Griffith (brother)

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