Geeking Out Over Fun, Sexy Words

I cannot express just how easily I can geek out over mathematics, science, and words. Today, I’m geeking out over words, words words! to use in sex scenes. I created a penis-synonym list of my own, and am sharing links to other fun lists.

With each book, comes a few sex scenes. And kissing. And staring at each other with lust-colored glasses. Another author and I were talking about how repetitive we sometimes feel, and I’m pretty sure I should start a new spreadsheet for sex scenes. I have spreadsheets for everything. And, if I don’t, the lack of one keeps bugging me (usually during a 3am writing binge).

What would I put on the Sex Spreadsheet? Locations, positions, actions, feelings, and descriptions. And I should probably have lists of options. I generally aim to only use words and phrases of things I’d want to touch and/or lick.

To start, I have my own list. I’ve classified different terms for penis in terms of size, shape, and the man attached to it:

  • Cock: big and thick and impressive… C’mere! I need you now!
  • Dick: a nice size, maybe more long than chubby… Ooo! What are you planning to do with that, sir? (wink)
  • Member, Manhood: very generic… Any man worth being with would have one.
  • Hose, Rodsignificant in size… I could only use once per book
  • Shlong, Salami, Dong, Junk: somewhat impressive, maybe… I’m not sure the guy attached to it is someone I’d choose to be with, or maybe a one-night stand I immediately regretted
  • Willy, Ding-aling, Popsicle, Joystick, One-eyed Trouse Snake: Please, let us never speak of it like that again, you silly man.
  • Prick: slender and maybe long… I’d consider it adorable or endearing.

There’s no point in reinventing the wheel. When I first started writing, I used several blogs full of sexy words and phrases. But for the past few months, I haven’t been able to find my favorite site. Well, I did last night!

Here are a few of the resources I’ve found:

“Sex in Romance” by J.L. Ferri is my absolute favorite. It’s extremely well-organized and very thorough. It has 15 separate pages of words and phrases and a little advice: kissing, body parts, climax, verbs for motion or penetration… you name it, there’s probably a page for it.

RPedia offers The Big Book of Writing Sex: A Tactless Resource, which discusses body parts and sex acts, suggesting words and phrases for each. It’s well-organized, thorough, and helpful, but I find it’s too long to use as a main, quick resource. It’s the main textbook chapters, while the other sites I’m sharing are like the handy appendix.

The Writers on the Storm blog has two posts by Sharla Rae:
“Sexy Phrases for In and Out of the Bedroom” is a very long, oddly alphabetical list of wonderful phrases, but I have trouble picking things out. I use it more as inspiration.
“Sensual Word Menu” is a very long alphabetical table of verbs

Anya Breton’s blog also has two lists of words:
“Dynamic Verbs for Sex Scenes” organizes verbs and nouns in lists.
“Even MORE Dynamic Verbs for Sex Scenes” is a downloadable, long, alphabetic list of verbs

Brynne Donovan just makes lists of words. Facial expressions, plot ideas, body language… For love scenes specifically, these are the two I found:
500 Great Words for Sex Scenes is three pretty nice, organized lists of verbs, nouns, and adjectives.
Synonyms for Intimate Body Parts has a few words for each body part.

Laurel Clark has two posts on her blog, as well:
“Sexy Thesaurus” lists synonyms for body parts and “Sexy Thesaurus 2” lists verbs and action phrases for various activities.


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