Help! One Moore cousin needs a name!

The Moore family insists on being difficult. So, fans, I could use your help:

There’s a non-hetero Moore cousin in town for Greg’s wedding, and he needs a name. I tried ‘Stone Moore,’ but then I remembered that Stone is also a not-so-pleasant verb, and that pun is unacceptable. He looks very serious, but has gotten into a lot of mischief in the past.

It needs to go well with Moore without being a pun, and it should start with an A, B, E, F, G, H, I, K, N, O, P, R, S, U, V, W, Y, or Z. (I like characters to have different initials to avoid reader confusion.) Other Moores with those initials include Andrew, Sara, Eleanor, and Greg.

The reader whose name is selected will receive a free kindle ARC of Love You, Moore before it’s released on Amazon. I’m starting this conversation on Facebook and Twitter as well, and hopefully it will get lively.


7 thoughts on “Help! One Moore cousin needs a name!

  1. Austin, Alexander, Bryce, Braxton, Emmett, Elliott, Fritz, Geoff, Harris, Indigo, Kane, Keith, Nathan, Oscar, Pierce, Patrick, Randy, Robert, Ross, Ricardo, Richard, Stephan, Scott, Victor, Vincent, Vincenzo, Wendell, Wyatt, William, Zane.

    Those are just off the top of my head. Just started reading A Chance for Moore and loving already. Not even halfway through and already wanted to check if another one was out yet or how soon the next one would be coming. I hope the names I sent are helpful. I couldn’t think of any that I liked that began with Y.

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  2. FYI from Facebook:
    Russell Blain Lmt Nac: Simon or Sim for short, Ben or Benjamin. Peter. Umm sorry kinda pun initials PM.
    19 hrs ago

    Shannan Arnold: Andrew, Bennet, Edward, Fredrick, Graham, herby, Ivan, konrad, Nathaniel, Oliver, Patrick, Randolph, Samsonite, Ulrich, vector, Wesley, yanick, zander. Hope you like one of these!! 😉
    17 hrs ago

    Nicci Bunker Sleeter: Trick!!!


  3. These are all such good names! I’m going to try them all on for size…

    Just for reference, here are the characters in books 1 and 2, in alphabetical order:
    Amelia, Andrew, Axle, Biff, Bradley, Carleton, Chance, Chester, Dani/Daniela, Dean, Diesel, Eleanor, Gigi, Greg, Hunter, Jackson, Jezebel, John, Joy, Julian, Kendall, Logan, Marcus, Max, Nana, Pete, Phoebe, Poppy, Quinn, Sara, Shawn, Specter, Tommy, Trip, Walt, Veronica, Xander

    It sounds like a huuuuuge number of characters, which is why I keep a list, but some may never get named aloud and others have nicknames and real names, and the rest are in groups. I’ll probably put a little character guide at the end of the books.


  4. After an obsessive amount of deliberation, Greg, Logan, and Julian’s cousin will be named Konrad Moore. Thank you so much for all your ideas – I’ve added them to my “Hero Names” list


  5. How about Kyd or Lord or Roman or Otto or Booker or Jack (too dirty? Jackson) or Wyatt or Isaiah Issac (I.I. abreviated) or Con (short for Connor) or Will or Josh. Hey this is fun.


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